Friday, January 22, 2016


Lace bras appear to be everywhere at the moment. Every time I log onto Instagram, countless photos of bralettes appear in my feed making my heart cry out for such beautiful lingerie. This week, I decided to dust off the sewing machine and put my sewing skills to the test. Whilst these little bras are not the easiest thing to make, they do make you feel super sexy and special. What is even better is that no one else in the world owns one like it.

Since there is nothing more than lace used, these bras offer little support so, apologies my big breasted friends. I just love how comfortable this bra is due to the fact it has no wiring or structure at all. It is super feminine and delicate and almost too good to cover up.

You will need:

  • Lace Fabric
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Cotton thread
  • Sewing pattern
  • Bra clasp
  • Thick smooth elastic 2.5cm or 1 inch wide
  • Decorative ribbon (optional to cover the elastic)
  • Black ribbon for straps (Can use thin smooth elastic 1cm wide)

How To:

1) Begin by printing out your template, as pictured above. You will need two triangles printed onto A4 paper. Cut around them and place the curved edge along the curved edge of the fabric allowing equal amounts of decorative edging.

2) Cut out two pairs so that you have 4 triangles of lace in total. Be careful to keep the pattern the same on both sides so that it is symmetrical once sewn together.

3) Pin along the straight edges leaving seam allowance and sew along this side with a sewing machine. Repeat for both sides.

4) Next, measure the amount of elastic needed by wrapping it under your bust making sure the elastic is slightly stretched. Pin the cups along the band, keeping equal widths between them.

5) Sew the cups onto the band using a sewing machine, making sure to include seam allowance.

6) Pin the clasp onto the strap and secure it by sewing it onto the elastic with a sewing machine.

7) Try the bra on and decide how much elastic or ribbon you want for the straps. I decided to use ribbon and make a crossed over strap, however, if you want some support, I would recommend using elastic for this part.

8) Pin and sew the straps to the top of the cup and to the part of the band where the strap meets the back of the bra.

And finally, your bra is complete. Now you have something handmade to wear whilst you relax on the weekend with your special someone.

G x 

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