Monday, January 25, 2016


Whilst working on my final major project for university, a website called Walthamstow Weekender, I created with this recipe for citrus spritz which has been a favourite ever since. Now, since we are coming to the end of 'Dry January', I thought I would share it with you all so that you can keep going until the bitter end. 
Sometimes a glass of water just doesn't cut it. When it comes to a refreshing drink, it is important to be inventive and playful with flavours. If you are bored of a classic lemonade and are looking for a tasty non alcoholic alternative, this lime and elderflower spritz will be your saviour and you can even pour it into a plastic bottle to drink on the go. If you are craving an alcoholic beverage, why not add some crisp, sparkling wine or tequila to the lime and elderflower mix. All the ingredients are available to buy at your local supermarket.

For a single drink, you will need:
1 lime
25ml elderflower cordial
Soda water to top up the glass
Mint Leaves to garnish
1) In a tall tumbler glass, squeeze the juice of half a lime and mix in the 25ml of elderflower cordial
2) Pour the soda water into the glass, so that it is half full. Taste the drink and if you prefer your drink with more sweetness or sourness, now is the time to adjust the levels of lime and elderflower.
3) Cut the other half of lime into segments and add these along with the ice and mint leaves to the glass.
4) Add more soda water if required and sit back and enjoy this citrus spritz.
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