Wednesday, January 20, 2016


It is always the way with hair, you are either born with straight hair and want curls or born with curls and spend hours straightening them out so that there is not a kink in sight. I was born with beautiful brunette curls but spent most of my teenage life ironing them flat with a pair of GHD's. Who else did the same? Yeah, I hear you!

Over the years, with the help of a few amazing hairdressers I learnt to love my curls and now I wear my bouncy ringlets with pride. Although it has not been an easy ride. Here are 5 home truths that I learnt along the way which I thought I would share with you. Who else feels the same way and has something to add?

1) HAIR BRUSHES ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. I always used to envy friends who were able to carry a hairbrush in their bag. Whenever their hair decided to have a life of its own, they would whip out the brush and in seconds have normal, no frizz hair.  I on the other hand would look like a poodle fresh from the salon if I ever attempted to brush my hair in between washes.

2) HAIR ACCESSORIES CAN CAUSE A PANIC ATTACK. Life would be so easy if I could just walk into a shop, take a packet of clips off the shelf and wear them in my hair. It sounds so simple but any girl with curls will know, having curly hair carries a higher risk for things to get stuck in it. This goes for hair elastics, hair bands, and any number of clippy things. Who knew such innocent looking products can cause so many problems.

3) HAIRDRESSERS ARE A SOURCE OF CONSTANT DISAPPOINTMENT. This goes for the vast majority of hairdressers out there, although there are some excellent ones too, they are by far an exception. Imagine the anxiety you feel just before a haircut, then multiply that by five, that is how worried us curly haired girls get whilst sitting in the salon. We are not anxious by nature, just years and years of dreaded questions such as... "Do you want layers?" "Your hair is too dry, why not try our latest product?" and the most dreaded of all... "Do you fancy letting your hair dry naturally, it would be so easy if we cut more off?" Why is it so hard to find a stylist that can manage with our thick, unruly mop of hair? Why oh why?

4) WE SECRETLY HATE ON ALL GIRLS WHO CAN SWITCH EFFORTLESSLY BETWEEN CURLS AND STRAIGHT HAIR. Any girl who can master salon perfect curls and super sleek straight hair must be a witch. How else is this kind of magic possible? Either way, these skills must be admired as it takes a lot of patience to turn tight ringlets into poker straight locks.

5) AFTER ALL OUR MOANING, WE LOVE OUR CURLS VERY MUCH. And we wouldn't change them for the world. After years of straightening my hair into a neatly styled bob or a punky pixie cut, I finally feel liberated now that I have let my curls take over and do their thing. My morning routine has become simpler, my fashion sense has become more playful and I feel ultra feminine with my curls. I am a happy bunny with curly hair (so long as I have my hairdresser on speed dial when it starts to get unruly again).

Who else has any curly hair stories to share, I would love to learn more about your styling tips and tricks.

G x

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