Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chanel's Malice

There is nothing quite like sitting in a beauty salon. The excitement of updating your look and the thrill of choosing the shade of nail polish that will sit upon your nails for the following few days. It is an experience that is yet to be matched. In my books anyway!

This season the experience has got even more exciting with the release of Chanel's new colour shade 'Malice'. The deep, pearly plum colour is so rich and intense making it feel like it is something truly decadent.

It has been so popular that when I was sitting in the Chanel, Covent Garden store, the only way I was able to experience the empowering tones of 'Malice' was in store. There are currently no bottles available to purchase and the waiting list is so long that the chances of getting my hand on a bottle before Christmas are slim. But yet there is still something so enticing about this shade.

Despite this, it is definitely worth going in store for a manicure because 'Malice' is a shade not to be missed.

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  1. I absolutely love Chanel nail polishes. The first one I got was called Orange Fizz and it was SO beautiful and summery!
    Now I am totally engaged to Pirata (sort of a watermelon red) and Ballerina (pastel pink).
    I agree with you when you say that getting a manicure with a Chanel nailpolish is AN EXPERIENCE.




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