Wednesday, December 19, 2012

If Our Clothes Told Stories

Next Spring, the British high street will be welcoming HM Hennes & Mauritz's latest venture, a high end designer womenswear store inspired by fashion stories.

The idea behind the store is to create a place where women can buy a whole look ranging from lingerie to beauty. All of the pieces inside the store will be designed in the creative ateliers based in Paris and Stockholm but will still be sold at an affordable price. We have been told to expect a mix of masculine tailoring and feminine chic with all products sold being of the highest quality possible. What is not to love about this idea? Now we can create a wardrobe of treasured garments inspired by some of the most interesting stories around.

Watch some of the videos about the stories that have been shared already:

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  1. Oh, this post just reminded me that I actually applied for a position at this company because I LOVED THE BRAND'S CONCEPT! And no, I wasn't selected :(.
    I wonder if they will be opening in Italy too. It took them years to open COS in Milan.


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