Monday, December 17, 2012

Menswear Monday: Meeting The Parents

If you have been following 'Menswear Monday' since the beginning, you will hopefully, by now, be able to cope sartorially with whatever life throws your way. However, there are bound to be times when you doubt yourself and need a little reassurance. One of these times could be when faced with your first meeting with your partner's parents.

Meeting the parents of your partner can be a daunting thing and now with the the holiday season in full swing, there is double the chance that you may have to make a good impression. There are probably a million and one questions popping up in your mind and none of them have any apparent answers. Brother...I feel your pain!

There are a few simple rules that must be followed and if done well, they will guarantee that you make the right impression...

1) Swap your usual casual t-shirt for a smarter shirt. Even if the occasion is not formal, you can still make a shirt look dressed down when worn with a nice pair of jeans. A shirt is far more appealing on the eyes than a grungy t-shirt. If the weather is warm, perhaps opt for a linen shirt or a very smart polo shirt (although the latter should only really be worn when you are playing sport). 

2) Trainers are an absolute no. Unless you plan on having to make a quick getaway then avoid trainers at all cost. Desert boots or brogues make a great alternative to trainers and will go well with a smarter look.

3) A nice pair of jeans means a pair that are not distressed in any way. Have you ever heard your parents say the line 'Why are you buying a pair of jeans that are already broken?' You don't want them thinking you are a poor man now do you?

4) Although strictly speaking this is no rule about clothes, it does have an impact on your overall appearance.  To finish off your look, spritz a dash of a refreshing cologne on your neck, making sure that the scent is not too overpowering. 

If you follow these simple rules, you are halfway there to winning the approval you need for a happy future with your loved one. Just be sure to thank me for this at your wedding. 

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