Thursday, September 20, 2012

London Fashion Week SS13: Edeline Lee

Edeline Lee is a London based Canadian graduate from Central Saint Martins who is now in her third season at London Fashion Week. Her presentation held at the grand, Royal Geographical Society, was short and sweet appearing to be more like a piece of mime theatre than your average fashion show.

Playing on the delicate beauty of the collection, Edeline Lee contrasted the light, summery colour palette with the masculine board room setting and the heavy magnifying glasses used by the models to examine the maps on display. Upon arrival at the show guests were greeted by a group of models all posed around the room in varying stances frozen by sheer concentration as a metronome created the eerie soundtrack for the show. The scene was only disturbed by the sound of someone striking a triangle which signalled for the models to group together and stand by the big bay window for the finale.

The collection itself was a mix of textures and techniques all focused around a strict colour palette of white, grey and navy. Grecian dresses, geometric pleating and cinched in waistlines were key motifs of the collection which complimented the brass bangles stacked up the length of the model's arms. Despite the collection being very similar to Edeline Lee's previous collections it was a visual feast of gracefulness and femininity.

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