Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Cambridge Satchel Company

In the UK right now, everywhere you look someone is wearing a brightly coloured satchel. The lady responsible for this is the one and only, Julie Deane, founder of the Cambridge Satchel Company. Her satchels have become a staple item within the blogging community and of course, no street style photo is complete without one. The reason for their unprecedented success? The answer is quite simply... a lot of hard work, an innovative idea and most importantly, the internet...

Without the internet, Julie would have been unable to get her beautiful satchels on the radar of the UK's top bloggers and of course, without the internet, who would have guessed that a fluorescent yellow satchel would be the year's must have accessory?

I am a massive fan of Julie and all the work, effort and time she puts into running The Cambridge Satchel Company so I thought I would share with you their latest campaign in collaboration with Google Chrome. It is such a lovely video, really heartfelt and welcoming. Take a look at the video, check out their website, follow them on Twitter because I can guarantee, this is not the last you will be seeing of them on this blog, especially now they have brought out their limited edition pastel range. Baby pink will always be my favourite colour....

Visit their website here to find out more about this wonderful company.

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  1. I love these bags! How is going the magazine?Good luck to everything :)




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