Monday, September 03, 2012

Menswear Monday: Low Slung Jeans

If there is one thing that will continue to baffle me it is this…low-slung bum bearing jeans.

Now I’m not talking about the hip hugging Levis that lets face it, leave all women in a spin. I’m talking about the ass exposing overly baggy jeans that guys everywhere insist on sporting. I love a peek at the Calvin Klein boxer brief waistband as much as the next women, but the in-your-face full moon just does not appeal.  It is also a given that said wearers will almost always don the worst underpants; faded washed out Tesco own brand are not, and I repeat, not sexy!

Every time a saggy pant wearing male strides past me; in what can only be described as a John Wayne esq walk, which I can assume is adopted in a desperate bid to keep him from losing all of his dignity; I want to hand him a good belt and begin a lecture on the importance of tailoring.

The hipster jean and on-show thong debacle is deemed trashy and frowned upon by both sexes, yet it seems we are content to allow our male counter parts to walk around sporting the exact same look. I wonder, how would the ‘skater dudes’ with their butt bearing jeans, that hang out at the Southbank react if I, on my morning walk to work, jeered and hurled sexual abuse at them, maybe even threw in the odd man slag insult…

It’s not that it offends me, it just perplexes me that these ridiculous trends even catch on. On what planet did these guys get together and think “I know, lets wear our jeans so low we are forced to walk as though we have in fact soiled ourselves” good one guys, bravo!

So just stop it! You know who you are. Buy a pair of jeans that fit, leave a little to the imagination and save all of us women from getting an eyeful of your crack before you have even asked us on a coffee date!

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