Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Height of Creativity - Art Couture Painswick

Fashion is something we come across every day. Each morning we are faced with a wardrobe of options that define who we are and how we wish to present ourselves. Fashion is complex and challenging, but above all, fashion is creative. From those who design collections, caring for every stitch and pleat, to those who chose to match a pair of beguiling Jimmy Choos with a pair of retro leopard print trousers, fashion is a beautiful mix of ideas and creativity.

Now equally, this can be said the same for art, yet both fields are never regarded as synonymous. For Art Couture Painswick, this division is no longer. The fashion company based in the heart of the adoring Cotswolds in Oxfordshire, lead by a body of passionate and dedicated people, has bridged the gap between art and fashion, celebrating what can only be described as ingenious and spectacular.

Art Couture Painswick (ACP) started with a visit to New Zealand, whereby an antique shop owner was inspired by a wearable art festival. Before long, his muse became a reality, and Painswick became “Queen of the Cotswolds, bulging at the seams with creativity and talent”. From dresses made from old festival tents, to couture accessories made from forgotten domestic treasures, ACP is an annual festival to feast your eyes on.

In addition to the craft lead catwalks, ACP attracts high profile people from the worlds of art and fashion as expert judges. “We have been fortunate to attract the support from many local people who are also well-known as artists or in the fashion world: Todd Lynn is our patron, and our judges have included Savannah Miller, Selina Blow, Daniel Chadwick, Beatrix Ong, Emma Samms and Stephen Jones, and our compères have included Keith Allen and Dr Dawn Harper.”

Last Thursday, Moda de la Mode visited the Profile VIP gala, and it was here that we had the privilege of meeting ACP. Championing their very own catwalk show at the event, the ladies who represented ACP spoke with such zeal, we just had to know more.

“The emphasis is on ART. How do we draw the line between fashion and art? Good question – of course the best of fashion design is indistinguishable from the best art. But we feel that people have understood the distinction and taken it to heart.”

“Our aim is to make Painswick synonymous with the best in this art-form, and before too long to be able to create a permanent museum where the extraordinary talent of our designers can be displayed and their stories told. We are also keen to encourage young people and students to follow their dreams into exciting new worlds of art and design”.

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