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Moda de la Mode's Muse of the Month-Francoise Gilot

Moda de la Mode's Muse of the Month feature is designed to inspire, educate and open up to you the wider world of fashion. Each month I will present to you a person who acts as my muse. Their influence will be felt throughout the content for the month (think of them as an unofficial ghostwriter) and hopefully by the time the month is out, their influence will have rubbed off on you.

For the month of March we have... Francoise Gilot

Francoise Gilot who wrote 'Life with Picasso'
Robert Capa, "Pablo Picasso & Francoise Gilot"

The lover and artistic muse of Picasso, Francoise Gilot has been credited as being the one who 'survived Picasso'.  Born in a small French town, Francoise originally trained to be a lawyer but regularly skipped class to persue her real passion-art. By the time she was 22 she had her own solo exhibition in Paris and this caused her life to change forever. 

The exhibition caused Francoise to rise to national acclaim as an artist, bringing her to the attention of Picasso who was then 61 years of age. They formed an instant bond and remained together for 9 years with Francoise giving birth to two children, Cluade and Paloma Picasso during this time. 

Her relationship with Picasso was turbulent and in 1953, they were officially separated. Francoise then went on to marry Luc Simon (with whom she had a daughter) and Jonas Salk. Francoise now lives in New York and occasionally works for the Salk Institute.

Over the coming month I plan to share with you the inspiring story of Francoise Gilot through a range of posts so that you can also see why she is such an inspiring woman. 

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  1. cool pics!!!

  2. wow, she is sooo interesting... can't wait for your future posts about her :)

  3. ps i LOVE the movie surviving picasso!



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