Monday, March 05, 2012

Menswear Mondays...Pull and Bear Lookbook

Winter is slowly releasing the tight grasp it has over us and in the process, the weather is getting slightly warmer.  Despite this, we are still left with the big dilemma, to wear a coat or to not wear a coat. Many of us have found ourselves asking this question over the past few weeks and it appears as though Pull and Bear have their spies everywhere as they have just released their 'Nearly Spring' collection.

The collection provides the perfect mix of light weight jackets that can be layered with various t-shirts and a classic pair of jeans. Boots have been replaced with little canvas sports shoes and dark, solemn colours have been replaced with zesty, bold colours that are bound to brighten up your day.


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  1. great looks! I love menswear. Sometimes buy from the mens sections coz some of the seasons clothes are just so much better than the womens! haha


  2. ooo i love this! menswear mondays is awesome.

    ps thanks for your last comment :)

    xx Niki from A Haute Mess



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