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Moda de la Mode Interviews: Suzi Boyle

Imagine being a successful magazine journalist who trained at British Vogue then wrote for top publications such as Dazed and Confused and The Telegraph as well as being paid to shop...Welcome to the world of Suzi Boyle.

During her childhood years, Suzi's main interests were always writing and shopping, claiming to be the only three year old girl who dragged their mum to the supermarket every week. However, whenever she was not out hunting down the latest must have item at the shops, her head was buried inside a book feeding her love of words. She will never forget the time just before her A Levels when her English teacher took her aside saying-"Your writing is a wild card, I cannot tell if you'll get an A or an E!" It was from this moment on that Suzi knew a career in writing was her destiny.

Last month, after countless friends and colleagues kept saying "Why aren't you blogging?" in an accusatory tone of voice, Suzi finally added 'blogger' to her endless list of fashionable job titles. The Suzi Boyle blog is a beautiful concoction of dreamlike interiors combined together in colour coordinated collages that just make your heart sing with delight. These collages are occasionally interjected with a post on fashion, the latest being one about Giles Deacon's sensational London Fashion Week show. Through the blog, Suzi has been able to experience the contrasts between the world of journalism and the world of blogging claiming that blogging "is not like magazine journalism which can be horribly competitive. There is an infinite amount of space for anyone who wants to do it." This freedom allows Suzi to cultivate her love of interiors through her blog, creating an online scrapbook of inspiration which contributes to Suzi's career as an interior stylist. The process of creating an environment that can make someone feel excited, happy or just completely at peace with the world is such a wonderful experience and it is possible for the reader to gain an insight into this experience through Suzi's blog.

Do you think your time spent in London and Sydney has shaped your personal style? Who are your most worn designers or high street brands?

If I could dress head to toe in Miu Miu, all day, everyday I most definitely would. But like most British girls of a certain age; I grew up on a staple diet of Topshop strappy tops and ill fitting H&M numbers. Nowadays Zara is my firm high street favourite-especially their heels and blazers which always tend to be very expensive looking.
I love Aussie brands too. I am a sucker for anything Sass and Bide, can't walk into Mimco without wanting several very expensive accessories and have just discovered a super cute Melbourne brand named Bul.

Where is your favourite place in London to go?

Hmm that's a toughie! Can I do a list? Broadway market on a Saturday always makes me happy to be in London. I love Shoreditch House (Pizza East next door is open to non members and is YUMMY) oooh and  Ottolenghi do the best salads and cakes ever. For shops there is Selfridges, or for something a bit different try Start in Shoreditch which has a beautiful edit on lots of high end brands.

What has been the biggest challenge and also the biggest highlight of your career so far?

Well, challenge is easy! Right after I graduated from Uni, I fell into a PR role with a boss that made Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada look like Gandhi. She'd growl at me... literally growl, call me stupid and rip up my work. It was quite hard. On my leaving day, I found out that her two previous assistants had run away on their lunch breaks (well, if I'd known that, ha). But in fact, it was a blessing. Ever since then, I have never been scared of anyone I have worked with.

Describe a typical day:

At the moment there is no typical day. I could be chained to my laptop writing a brochure for a new London brand or traipsing through Chaing Mai sourcing furniture. In the past year I have tried to start each morning off with yoga-I'd probably have cringed if I read someone saying this in an interview a year ago-but I've turned into a real sucker for it now.

What advice would you give for an aspiring journalist?

Are you blogging? *If not, puts on an accusatory tone of voice* Why aren't you blogging? Seriously, journalism can be an exhausting game to get into-you have to work for free then when you do eventually get paid, it is poorly. Your words will be hacked to bits and you will always be totally dispensable. BUT if you are willing to put up with all that, it is one of the best jobs in the world.
In fashion especially, I worked for about a year just tidying up cupboards before I could write a single word. Now, it is all at your finger tips- you can show off how fabulous your writing/editing/styling skills are to the world from your wardrobe.

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