Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lana Del Rey...More Than Just A Pretty Face

Photograph by Nicole Nodland / Via
Lana del Rey, whose real name is Lizzie Grant, burst onto the music scene earlier this year with her hit song 'Video Games' featuring in Christopher Kane's show along with the most recent episode of Made in Chelsea. Her melancholic voice mixed with her glamorous, sepia tinged music videos which she made at home with her sister, filming them on a laptop, have caused such media hype over the past few weeks that she has shot to global stardom.

The 25 year old, NY native splits her time between New York and London where she spends time promoting her music, not that it needs any promotion. Her honey-dew like voice which echoes hauntingly throughout both 'Video Games' and 'Blue Jeans' is far from anything that is currently sitting in the UK charts. Free from auto-tune and fancy special effects, Del Rey's music carries a nostalgic air which harks back to the classic American style of glamour from the early 60's. Her sound is truly unique and is unlike anything that has gone before but the closest we can get to categorising her sound is a combination of Nancy Sinatra and Patti Smith.

It is not just her music that has made her a star. Her personal style is inspired by fashion houses such as Chanel and Versace and the combination of gold chains, bouffant hair, manicured acrylic nails and vintage t-shirts have created a modern day version of a classic look and coincidently have become her trademark image. 

Take a look at Lana Del Rey's music and if you like it you can download her EP from iTunes.

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  1. She looks gorgeous!


  2. OMG I'm so happy you posted about her because I just discovered her and have been listening to her NON.STOP. my favorite is diet mtn dew :) so nice learning more about her! xox

  3. Love her and love this post! xx



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