Monday, November 14, 2011

Menswear Mondays: I'm With The Band!

How do you express your tastes in music through your clothes? Music lovers are divided into tribes, split into sections depending on what type of music is listened to. The same occurs in the fashion world...people are split into fashion tribes such as: Preps, Hipsters, Goths etc...

 Topman have launched a collaboration with Marc Hare, founder of the brand 'Mr Hare',which launched three years ago. The collaboration was launched shortly after the opening of the New York Topman store when Topman stylists had to dress bands and musicians for the launch party. It became apparent that people were not just looking for a fleeting 'Rock and Roll' trend that came about once a year but a permanent collection of clothes that were not influenced by seasonal trends. 'AAA' (Mr Hare's collaboration with Topman) has a music DNA which registers with the mind and lifestyle of their consumers and offers a range of monochrome t-shirts, trousers and shoes along with bombastic accessories such as faux fur collars and feather tipped trilbies.

The final pieces to be added to AAA line are five styles of boot which were added last week. The boots embrace AAA's vampish, elegant, rock-ready style which has become a trademark image for the line.

Shop the collection here: Topman

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