Friday, November 11, 2011

Interview with Moda de la Mode Founder Grace Molan

As all our dedicated followers know, on a Friday we feature inspiring people and interview them to find out more about their hectic lives. Today, as we are still celebrating the 1st Birthday of Moda de la Mode, I thought it was only right to be the centre of attention for once.

Catherine Uy, blogger for her own blog and journalist for Moda de la Mode magazine, has taken time out of her busy schedule to ask me all the things she has wanted to learn about me but has never had the opportunity to ask. Here are my replies:

      1.When did you interest in fashion start?
      My interest in fashion was sparked at the age of 13 when I first began subscribing to Vogue. The glossy pages and the intricately put together outfits were enough to draw me into the world of fashion and I have been stuck there ever since. 

2. When and why did you start blogging?
 I have been blogging for a year on my own fashion blog, but my interest in blogging was actually sparked by the blog Style Hurricane. For a whole year before I started Moda de la Mode, I read Style Hurricane religiously and was so inspired, especially by her DIY Fashion section that I created my own blog.
3. Why do you like blogging and what makes you post?
I love the networking that comes with blogging. Through my blog I have met some really inspiring people ranging from other bloggers to models to designers. If it wasn't for my blog I would have never have met them and would have never got my fashion internship which I love doing at the moment. 

4. How did the name of your blog Moda De la Mode come about?
At the time I started my blog, I was obsessed with anything Spanish and was starting to learn French too. Moda is Spanish for fashion and Mode is French for fashion so by mixing the two up, I got a name which was totally related to fashion but had a global edge.

5. What is one outfit you've pictured on you blog most represents your individual style?
 I am not a huge fan of outfit posts as so many other blogs do them and my photography skills are just too shocking to compete. I do however love my post on my Carven inspired shirt which my sister made a video for. The embellishment and elegant tailoring sum up my personal style perfectly.

6.  Can you tell us about your most favorite post?
Gosh! I have so many that I couldn't possible pick a favourite! I do love the interviews that I run on a Friday though as they offer a really personal insight into the fashion industry.

7. Can you share with us some of your favorite DIY projects?
I have three favourite DIY projects, my flower skirt, my fossil skirt and my Carven inspired shirt.

8. How would you like to impact the fashion world?
I want to run a successful blog and magazine whilst being able to support, sponsor and nurture emerging talent.

9.  Moda De la Mode has gone beyond the traditional blog format and created a community of active members. How important do you think interaction is in today’s blogging culture?
As I said before, interaction is crucial. A reader will get board of a blog quickly if the writer hides away from it's audience. Twitter is my main tool that I use to interact with my readers as it is so quick and easy but I really should get back to commenting on other people's blogs more often. I think that is nice. Giveaways are also a good form of interaction and we have launched our first ever giveaway as part of the birthday celebrations. 

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