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Rachel Conan-Davies! The Life of a Model In London Part 1

The modelling industry is bursting with talented, beautiful people all trying to get their faces on the next advertising campaign for Gucci or on the catwalk for a Marc Jacobs show. With so many people all wanting the same thing, it is incredibly hard to stand out and break into the industry. Modelling is tough, physically draining work and most of the time is far away from the Romantic, glamorous job many people think it is. Over the next two weeks, I will be interviewing models to find out the truth about the world of modelling.

Rachel Conan Davies is definitely one to watch. Modelling at London Fashion Week, appearing in campaigns for New Look and modelling at the PSIONICS Avant Garde hair show, she is taking the fashion world by storm. What makes this even more amazing is the fact that she is unsigned!

Born and bread in London, Rachel is at the heart of the fashion world and balances her time around her full time job in fashion PR with her modelling commitments. Growing up surrounded by the rich and diverse London fashion scene, she has become entranced by British fashion, something that has defined her personal style and also her professional style.

Have you always been interested in modelling or has your interest come from working in the fashion industry?

The idea was first planted in my mind when I was approached by a scout. I was 14 at the time and he was looking for girls 16 and over (I was a tall, well developed girl). At the time my parents didn't want me to do anything that could deviate my mind from my studies and I suppose after that I focused on other things and didn't decide to really go for it until I was 21.

Every model has a professional 'look' how would you define yours?

If on my way to a shoot or show I will make sure I've scrubbed up from head to toe - clean hair, nails done all that kind of stuff and put on something comfortable! Last show I did, I wore a cotton full length grey roll-neck dress with black boots and leather jack. I dress professional/smart most days of the week for work so when I'm modelling I take advantage of the opportunity to wear something I wouldn't wear to the office.

Does this differ from your 'off-duty' look?

If I'm not working my day job, which is in Fashion PR and Events, on my way to a meeting or modelling then I'd probably be in trainers and a borrowed jumper.

This year has been tremendous and you have walked in LFW along with other London shows, what has been the highlight of the year?

Aw thanks! I have had a lot of fun with modelling this summer. Highlight would probably be having my parents and two brothers come to watch me in my first runway. It was incredibly difficult fighting the urge to laugh every-time I caught their eyes!

Who is the model you aspire to be like?

Well I would love to have the success of Chanel Iman or Coco Rocha, who are both incredibly talented women. In terms of models I look up to... probably Tyra Banks as she's one hell of a business woman, ex Victoria Secret model and I wouldn't mind presenting America's Next Top Model with Andre Leon Tallely.

How do you find the demands of modeling? Do you have to be careful what you eat, what you wear etc..

I try to take care of my appearance, health and fitness for myself anyway. If I even mention changing myself because of modelling, those I have around me will tell me to stop being silly straight away! Modelling is something I really enjoy and I want it to stay that way. Of course there are plenty of situations when I don't fit the bill for various reasons, but c'est la vie, and I'm fine with that.

If you had one piece of advice for anyone trying to break into the modeling industry, what would it be?

Throw yourself into the deep end and see what opportunities arise!

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You can see Rachel in action in her campaign with New Look: 

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