Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Walk In The Woods...

Winter has finally arrived! The crisp, frosty air fills our lungs as we walk to work in the mornings. The luscious green leaves have been replaced with a fiery collection of red, orange and brown leaves, mixed together with  bare, skeletal twigs that sprout off tree trunks like grasping fingers. The golden blanket of sunlight which bathed the landscape during the summer months has been swept away by the biting winds and replaced with a much harsher, silvery light. Winter is officially here!

It is a time to wrap up warm and embrace the Arctic temperatures instead of shying away from them and hiding indoors. This photo shoot, shot by Hollie Langan, features the photographer herself as she walks through the dormant countryside, shielding herself from the cold with her fur coat. The misty air and brown landscape evokes a sense of uneasiness which is contrasted with the fun, free spirited choice of coat.

The coat itself is of great interest to me. Walking around the streets of London, it is impossible not to see variations of this coat being worn by women of all ages and backgrounds. The warm comfort this coat provides is enough to convince anyone to buy it, however, it still fascinates me that one style of coat has become so popular. Maybe it is due to the playful edge this coat provides or even it's glamorous links with the film industry. Whatever it is, everyone has gone mad over leopard print fur coats this season and this beautiful photo shoot really captures their elegance and practicality.

Photos by Hollie Langan
Model: Hollie Langan

You can see more of Hollie's work in Moda de la Mode Magazine and on her Facebook Page

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