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Designer in the Spotlight: Faye Fraser

From Faye's Off The Wall Collection which was inspired by the Berlin streets with their graffitti. The clothes are made from a mixture of wool and Lycra and are inspired by 80's sportswear.

Faye Louise Fraser, 22 from Northamptonshire is a woman of many talents. Currently living between South East London and Northamptonshire (where her workshop is based) she works part time in Berty and Gerty, a Camden vintage boutique, is part designer and part stylist. Working in the vintage boutique, Faye gets to meet alot of interesting people and it's also a form of inspiration for her design work; "I handle all different vintage styles and shapes of garments which feeds into my own garment ideas." Alongside this she is working on a couple of knit orientated projects, so there is never a dull moment!

Faye Fraser studied at Leicester Demontfort for an art and design foundation and then got onto the BA Honours in Textiles Fashion and Fibre course at Winchester School of Art from which she graduated last summer. From studying textiles and then specializing in Knitwear she came to develop her own style which was working with Lycra.
 "Don't get me wrong I love the whole Eco-friendly thing and I try to up-cycle fabrics, incorporate vintage pieces within my work, use pure wool yarns that have not been heavily treated (apart from the Lycra of course); but I like to go against the norm and Lycra provided this 'abnormality' when it came to creating interesting fabric structures. This was also formed by my fascination of the rebellious couture designers such as Westwood, Mc Queen, Galliano (aside from his recent failings), JCDC, Muglar that have all saturated my research work ever since I studied design; with the combination of the newer 'it crowd' designers such as Henry Holland, Mark Fast, Gareth Pugh etc."

Though its not just the fashionista's that have led the way for her inspiration, music has played an enormous role, "I think music and fashion go hand in hand and I have been involved with electronic music (putting on club nights, seeing new DJ's basically immersing myself in my free time etc) for a long time". Along with this scene you meet so many other artistic people who then allow for even more creative scope (especially graphics and all forms of print- "I am quite the lover of graphic patterns!")

Did you always want to become a designer? If not what would be your ideal job?
I have always wanted to be a designer or what I thought a designer was, until I actually studied Fashion; and then I realized you can be a designer without making a collection every season and producing garments that are so conventionally wearable ( take Lady Gaga for instance)! I would say I am more of a visionary designer, an artist- I'm sure there are many terms for what I'm trying to say but I cant think. My ideal job would be to sit at a Dubied knitting machine all day everyday and produce interesting fabrics, also do a capsule collection every now and again; though I know for a fact this position does not exist on any graduate website believe me I've looked!

2. What does fashion mean to you and how has fashion shaped your life?
Ive been mesmerized by fashion since a very young age. I remember watching the clothes show with Carolyn Franklin and fantasizing that one day she'd be talking about me. I even used to make clothes for my barbie dolls and then use disposable cameras for fashion shoots (I still have the pictures). Though I never thought Id specialize in Knitwear until I arrived at WSA, I was always set on studying Fashion design; but I realized there was so much more scope with Knitwear it would allow my to be even more unique as I would be creating my own fabrics. It was also a challenge as before I started my degree I barely knew how to hand knit a cable! Having this interest and studying Knitwear changed my perspective on the arts, culture, and life in general! Art School was an eye opener for a small town girl (that sounds so American ha)

3. Which item of clothing do you wish people wore more often?
Anything Knitted of course!!! Ha I actually could not say a specific item of clothing but knitwear in general!it does not have to be a seasonal thing it can be all year round!

4. Who are your favourite designers or who do you aspire to be like?
Ive already mentioned some of my favourite designers above but the list does go on the classics Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior . There are particular elements of designers that I love, I could never truly say I liked everything and anything that they had ever designed because everyone has their own individual tastes; but it is impossible to pin-point a ultimate favourite designer. I aspire to be like any of them who have stayed true to their original ethos of design like Vivienne Westwood or JCDC its not just about becoming a multimillionaire with your own label its being passionate about what you do truly believing in it.

5. Where is your favourite holiday destination in the world?
The Caribbean if I'm feeling in a lazy mood and Berlin if I want inspiration!!

6. If you could style any famous person, who would it be, what would they wear and why?
 I would style Lady Gaga put her in a Marks and Spencer's twin set and pair of Clark's that would definitely be controversial ha ha, nooo but seriously ermm I
would have to say Agyness Deyn not that she needs restyling but I love her she is so interesting looking and Id go with a bit more of a colourful edge with her as she doesn't wear enough!
7.What are your views on the emerging 70's trend?
I absolutely love the emerging seventies trend but really its never gone away especially when summer roles round, there's been elements for years its just there's a huge emphasis on the wide leg trousers high waists, general glamour helped along by Marc Jacobs this season!

8. Why do you like designing and styling and what makes you design?
I can't say exactly why I like designing and styling without sounding like a stereotypical female, i.e I am a girl I like clothes etc etc. I just adore 'dress up' and love being able to change someones whole aura by dressing them, its amazing how you can mould someone into a complete alternate persona.

9. What piece of advice would you give someone trying to break into the industry?
My piece of advice which I am trying to follow myself at the moment is being persistence, pro active, productive. Keep applying for jobs/internships, keep creating new work, network as much as you can. Its not easy I am in this position as we speak but all you can do is try because if you don't try you'll never know and if it doesn't work there's always other routes!

10. Describe yourself in one word!

To find out more and see more of Faye's work visit her website here!

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