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Inside The Mind of a Street Style Photographer....Interview with Lee Oliveira

All About Lee Oliveira....

Having worked in the fashion industry for many years Lee Oliveira decided to give it all up one day in exchange for a new life, living and breathing his! Having very little experience and a lot of nerves, Oliveira embarked on a solo career taking street style snaps on the streets in Australia. Seven months down the line and Lee is doing really well, he has a successful blog and is being sponsored by Gloss Cosmetics in addition to taking the most amazing photographs of unique people and their style. Here is an interview I have done with him to enlighten you all about his work and to allow you to see what it is really like to be a street style photographer.

  1. In your eyes, what is the difference between fashion and style?
Fashion is "what's in" at the moment.. called "trend".
Style identifies who you are as an individual.
  1. What do you look for in someone when you photograph them?
I don't really expect anything specific... I just find it!  That individual style and a personality to carry their look. I can never plan what I am going to photograph.
When I find the connection between me and that stylish, person I must photograph her/him.
  1. How often do you spot someone who really inspires you with the way they dress?
It depends where I am at or where I go. But I would say almost everyday. 
Ps. I do stare at people sometimes on the streets, very few of them feel uncomfortable.. (but I don't stalk..hahaha)
  1. If you weren't a photographer, what would be your dream career?
Well, I have worked in fashion almost my whole life, but the photography kind of came to me naturally. I can't see myself doing anything different at the moment.
  1. How do you approach someone you want to photograph?
Big smile on my face.. and a good "hello there" to start with!
  1. What has been the most valuable thing you have learnt whilst building and promoting your blog?
Be yourself when you blog. It's much easier than trying to be someone else. I have used twitter a lot which I find has organically promoted my blog with what I tweet about. In turn, I have forged some valuable connections along the way. 
  1. What advice would you give someone trying to break into the industry?
Feel inspired every time you blog and expect to work long hours every day to build a good blog. The best feeling is when you see readers coming back to your blog because they enjoy your voice. 
  1. Do you think your personal style has changed due to becoming a street style photographer and being exposed to a wide range of styles?
My style is the same, clean and comfortable, But as you know in fashion we always find the next inspiration every six months. I don't really follow a trend if I don't love it. 
  1. Do you prefer film or digital?
When I became a photographer everything was digital but I still want to learn more photography in film. 
Film is where everything began.
  1. Did you find it hard to distinguish your photos from other street style photographers at first?
When I started my blog and photography I didn't know what direction I was going in. Now, I know exactly where I am at although I am still growing. I admire several street style photographers for having the courage to stop people on the streets and able to photograph them. There are many street style bloggers out there now. If you really want to shine you really need to have quality photographs and your own signature.
  1. Who is your idol in the industry?
Bill Cunningham and Scott Schuman which I had the amazing pleasure not only to meet, but also able the photograph them when I was in New York for FW11.
  1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Oh.. trick question...10 years ago I didn't know I would even think about becoming a fashion photographer.
 I would leave my destiny to speak up for me.
  1. Describe yourself in one word!
Check out some of Lee Oliveira's street style photographs below and make sure you check out his blog. You never know when you may be spotted to be the subject of one of his photographs haha.

Lee Oliveira Street Style-November 2010

Lee Oliveira Street Style-March 2011

Lee Oliveira Street Style-February 2011
Don't forget to visit his website:


  1. such wonderful shots. I love the 1st one. Thanks for sharing. Nice interview. And nice to find your blog. wanna follow each other? I'd be happy to!

    B So Chic!

  2. Great interview, I love learning how these great streetstyle photographers started out and their advice. Love the 2nd photos chosen ;)

  3. que buenas fotos has elegido! me encantan, ademas de ser una entrevista muy entretenida!
    por cierto, te invito a que te pases por el blog Pimp My Mode y participes en el sorteo que hay de un vestido ideal de Ladybug, venga anĂ­mate que seguro que te sienta fenomenal!!

  4. WOW.. thank you Grace for posting me!
    You put a smile on my face.
    Ps. I am so sorry if I haven't been able to read your blog lately.. I was on holiday.. but I am back now!
    Lee x

  5. You have gotta love this guy..his photos are pure

  6. i love lee!! he's gone places in no time with his work and eye for style...

    come check out my blog too... its also got a lot of street style..i promise its interesting



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