Thursday, March 17, 2011

Designer in the Spotlight: Faye Fraser

Faye Fraser, as well as being a successful and inspiring designer, is also a stylist. These photos featured above are part of a shoot by photographer Jenny Kendall, model Rui Liu, creative director Lauren Greyson and stylist Faye Fraser with the photographs shot at the Ministry of Fashion studios in London.

I love the attitude seeping out from the first photo with the distorted insect like arms and beady eye glasses. This photo is so so stunning and one of my favourite photos of the year so far. The cropped jumper with the twisted sleeves gives this preppy look a real edge in the second photo and really contrasts with the knee length kilt skirt. These photos really show the talent that Faye possesses which allows her to style almost anyone whilst also showing just how diverse her styling can be. Faye Fraser is one to watch for the future, not just for styling but for her designs also.  

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