Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Feliz día de la Hispanidad a todos!!

Today is a national holiday for people here in Spain which means I have the day off work. Yay!

I celebrated this by taking a detour on my journey home from work last night and ended up in Ikea. I always like to follow my heart and last night it told me to get my ass in gear with sorting out my room. Ever since I have moved into the new flat it has been all systems go with work and exploring the island. I can't help myself but every free moment I have I just crave the beach.

So, today I am making the most of having this day to tick off things on my every growing list of things to do. So far so good, I have already managed to assemble a little side table, make a ribbon Polaroid display and attempt to Konmari my wardrobe... and it's not even lunch time.

Wherever you are in the world I hope you have a lovely relaxing day and thank you for keeping up with my endless ramblings.

G x

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