Thursday, October 13, 2016


Tenerife is not a big island but it definitely is an island of contrasts. Last Saturday I ventured down to the south of the island to a place known as the 'Hippie Beach' or formally as 'Playa Diego Hernand├ęz'. Firstly, the name drew me in... I mean a hippie beach?! How fun does that sound? So, I grabbed my bikini, jumped in the car and me and my friends sang at the top of our voices all the way down the highway.

When we got there, the beach did not disappoint. As the beach is not accessible from the road, it only attracts a small group of people daily, and much to our surprise, it was also a nudist beach. The beach gets its nickname from the little community of hippies and nomads that make their home on the beach using dried palm tree leaves. Their huts are scattered along the cliff and some even choose to make their home in the caves.

It really felt like heaven being on that beach and we stayed for the sunset which was just the perfect end to a perfect day. We couldn't have asked for more.

For those of you who want to visit this beach too, its is called Playa Diego Hernandez and is in La Caleta, Adeje, Tenerife. The path down to the beach runs alongside the golf club and takes you down the cliff edge so trainers are a must. Once on the beach though it is safe to swim and sunbathe and bikinis are allowed.

I will definitely be returning soon...

G x


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