Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Last Saturday, I decided to do something that I never normally do; I had a massage. It was one of the most blissful experiences ever, a whole hour and a half of relaxation. I was in heaven.

The decision to have some 'me time' came after months of aches and pains in my back and rising levels of anxiety which I knew needed addressing. The only option was to have some time out and allow myself to unwind from being the coiled spring I had made myself into. This is where Debbie from Marula Tree Massage comes in.

Debbie is a lovely South African lady who has a wonderful warm presence that instantly puts you at ease. Her sharp wit and dynamic sense of humour make her such fun to be around that not only will you be all relaxed from the massage, you will have a massive grin on your face too. Debbie is a fully qualified ITEC Level 3 massage therapist and works in and around Farnham, Surrey and what makes her so special is that she travels to you, allowing you to have a massage in your own home.

The full body massage lasts an hour and a half and costs £70. The appointment began with a short but thorough consultation to talk through any underlying health problems and then the massage was underway. Any stresses or anxiety started to melt away after the first three deep breaths then Debbie gently worked on my neck, back and shoulders before turning me onto my front to work on my neck, shoulders, arms, legs and feet. The massage was gentle yet had enough pressure to alleviate any knots or strains in my muscles and after the hour and a half was up I felt as light as a feather. I was so relaxed and the massage had been such a mood booster, not only helping my body to calm but also my mind.

I was so impressed by the professional and friendly manner that Debbie possesses and also with the attention to detail that goes into every massage. I really felt as though it had be personalised to fit my needs and the results were definitely proof that Debbie listens to your body and knows how to fix anything off kilter.  If anyone is looking to book a massage, I urge you to give Marula Tree Massage a try as you certainly won't be disappointed.

To learn about all the treatments that Debbie offers and to book an appointment, click here

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