Thursday, August 27, 2015


Okay, so I admit, the title of this post is heavily influenced by the rapper 2 Chainz. However, I couldn't resist using it as it is just so perfect. Since moving abroad, I have had to streamline my wardrobe, leaving the majority of my things back home in the UK. This of course, includes my jewellery collection which now consists of a few small chains.

Whilst they may not make a bold statement when worn alone, in pairs, they really add a Boho edge to an outfit. They can transform an outfit from being prim and proper to playful and carefree. Each chain holds so many memories and stories, instantly reminding me of various celebrations every time I wear them. How can you have a bad day when your necklace reminds you of graduation or another happy occasion? Like good luck charms, these necklaces have become an extension of me as I now explore this new, exciting stage of my life. And of course, I have that 2 Chainz swagger whilst I walk through the streets of Santa Cruz with my gold chains around my neck.

G x

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