Monday, April 29, 2013


Following the previous post on 'The Boho Man' which appeared on the site last month, it appears that Bohemianism has captured the minds of many a city dweller. Everywhere you look there are signs that more and more people are embracing bohemianism, be it a cyclist with flowers in her hair or a dandy bohemian man wearing silk scarves and paisley shirts. 

Stereotypes pushed aside, there really is a shift in mentality occurring throughout the world's cities. The photo above, taken in July 2011 at Berlin Fashion week clearly illustrates this free spirited and creative vibe. The bohemian style shows a wealth, not of designer labels but of experiences and knowledge. This style is not about telling the world where you shop or how great your bank balance is, it is about taking a walk down the road less travelled and revealing your findings through your clothes. 

It is all about feeling great in your own skin, creating a sphere all of your own and radiating a creative energy which will carry you blissfully through the madness of city life. Designer labels like Saint Laurent, Etro and Diesel understand this mentality and have drawn inspiration from it in their autumn/winter 2013 collections. However, this style is all about discovery and individuality. That means the key ingredients for embracing the bohemian way of life are:


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