Tuesday, April 30, 2013


There is something calming about the electric hue of neon lights. The slight buzzing sound they give off when they get too hot and the hint of nostalgia that emanates from their kitsch design gives a feeling of reassurance to those who walk by them on city streets.

Scream Gallery, hidden away on Eastcastle Street, has recently become the temporary home to a bright array of neon light installations created by artist Chris Bracey. These installations with their gritty undertones are inspired by Soho in the 1970's and the fairgrounds where Bracey watched his father work on the neon signs that adorned the rides. They make up the exhibition titled, 'I've Looked Up To Heaven and Been Down To Hell' which is showcased at Scream until the beginning on June. Bracey comments“Like any work of art, itʼs got spirit. Neon is only happy when itʼs on, when itʼs alive”. The work has titles like 'Love and Hate' and 'Paradise Lost' linking them to tattoo culture and the down and out lifestyle of Las Vegas.

Chris Bracey has worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion and film industry. Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, David LaChapelle, Martin Creed and Kubrick are just a handful of his clients and the list carries on.

The exhibition is a juxtaposition of heaven and hell. A sculpture of Jesus will be stood next to neon Soho style sex, tattoos and rock and roll iconography but this reflects Bracey's own heaven and hell journey through life. Having shown his work extensively throughout the United States, this will be his first UK exhibition. It must not be missed.

The works of art can be viewed at Scream Gallery until the 1st June 2013. Visit the Scream Website for more details.

Images: Courtesy of Scream and Chris Bracey

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