Monday, March 25, 2013


With slogan t-shirts reserved for the supermodels who hang out backstage sipping their coconut water, menswear has shifted its focus onto a more of a graphic t-shirt. These t-shirts, that show abstract shapes and simple colourways, have become the big thing to wear this spring. Pair with quality denim and some laid back kicks and pray for some warm weather (yes London, we are talking to you)! 

Robin Tabari, a menswear brand consisting of designer t-shirts have launched a series of plain white T's (excuse the music reference there, had to be done) which capture the feeling of wanderlust that creeps into our bodies the moment spring is in the air. With slogans such as "Sea what is outside" paired with a cross processed photo of the ocean, there is seriously no better way to get ready for summer than to wear one of these shirts. For those of you wanting something a little less seasonal then the indie style tshirts (pictured above) are the perfect all rounders. 

Visit the Robin Tabari website to see more t-shirts

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