Thursday, March 21, 2013


At the moment it seems that the best way to sell fashion is to put a musician at the front of your campaign. Mr Porter recently collaborated with A$AP Rocky and now Band of Outsiders have collaborated with Frank Ocean for their latest lookbook. The sun faded shots, taken against the backdrop of Los Angeles and the LA Times building, show Frank Ocean in various napping positions. Looking closer at the images, they are not too dissimilar to the dreamy polaroids taken by my good friend Kelley Mullarkey for her website Majestic Disorder. It is a happy time to see a revival of polaroid film and with key influencers such as Band of Outsiders and Majestic Disorder promoting the medium time and time again then, fingers crossed we will only see more of it. Who doesn't love that exciting wait to see what the image look like when the film pops out the camera?

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