Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Muse of the Month: Frida Kahlo

When asked the question "Who is Frida Kahlo?" Most people will undoubtedly say the answer 'Artist' however you and I both know she is much more than that. Frida is a style icon, a muse and above all, a revolutionary. She battled with society's conventions and a troublesome marriage and emerged from it all to become a great feminist icon.

Frida's house, the Casa Azul is where she was born, lived her life, made her artworks and also where she died. Nestled in a quiet street in the heart of Mexico City's Coyoacan district the house has been left exactly how Frida left it, providing a timeless memorial to her and housing her secrets forever.

Many of Frida's paintings tell the story of her life with the occasional few featuring her magnificent uni-brow and of course her rich, ornate array of dresses. There are many reasons why Frida Kahlo is such a memorable artist and woman, for me, I love her romantic and colourful sense of style, her poignant paintings that can sometimes verge on the macabre and the countless stories that shroud her in mystery.

Let Frida Kahlo inspire you this month and get in touch with the real you!  Don't let anything blot out your true personality, celebrate all the quirky things that make you unique. On the other hand, if life gives you lemons you can always make yourself  Margaritas and start painting your house a deep shade of blue. Look out for Frida sayings, a history of her life and a look into what made her such an icon.

What do you love about Frida?

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  1. She is great! Love her style!
    Beautiful post!




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