Friday, November 09, 2012

Hattie Murdoch's Secret War

For those of you unfamiliar with this northern beauty of a singer, Hattie Murdoch is capable of almost anything. Her last EP was a mix of haunting melodies, exquisitely layered harmonies and echoes of soft pop laced with elements of indie rock. Now, however, she has chosen to take on a harder edge with her latest EP, Secret War.

"I wanted to create something a bit tougher for this release, a track that would make people sit up and listen so we've gone a little bit more dubstep, a bit more drum and bass, a little more rock." Said Hattie. The title and overall theme of the song comes from the idea of a secret battle that your heart and mind have when you are deliberating over a situation. This is something we have all experienced at some point in our lives, even Hattie, making the song truly genuine and full of emotion. 

Currently working on a series of remixes of her new which will be released on the 25th November, Hattie is pleased to get back into the music scene after a whole summer off. "We've come back with a clearer idea of where we are going" says Hattie."I've got a photoshoot coming up as well working with an excellent photographer so I'm really excited to work on a harder image, something a bit more fashion led in an industrial setting. It’s set to be a busy few months in the run up to December!" she adds.

It may be a busy time for Hattie Murdoch and her band mates but it is definitely an exciting one. When asked  how Hattie would describe herself in one word, her response was "Ambitious" showing that whatever gets thrown in her path she will battle on to get the end result. Hattie is definitely a singer to watch out for in the future.

Listen to her latest EP here:

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