Friday, September 21, 2012

Tired Trends

London Fashion Week has just finished and that means one thing for fashion blogs and glossy magazines everywhere; trend reports. In a bid to be topical here at Moda del la Mode todays post also talks trends. Except, Moda del la Mode is unlike any other fashion blog, so if you are expecting a break down of this seasons hot must-have trends stop reading now. Yes, this is a post about trends, but the focus of this piece is how bored I am of them.

Military, gothic glam, heritage, pastel floral’s and baroque are just a few of the tired trends that make a  reappearance time and time again. Flick through a copy of this months issue of Vogue or Elle and then take a look at last seasons; hell, look at copies from a few years gone by; and there you will find the exact same predications.

I respect that all fashion is recycled to some extent, but from an industry that commands such attention and fetches such high prices, I expect a little more than been-there-done-that trends.

Can these so called ‘fashion experts’ and designers not come up with something more inventive than last years trend. Simply by making minimal adaptations and giving it a new name they think they have achieved a must have trend?

Look to the streets, what are the kids wearing, look to youth culture and borrow from them to come up with something fresh and new. Deep in the heart of South Africa youths don a style they have coined Zef. The hipster kids of London with their 90s vibe, make that this seasons trend. It’s what real people are wearing. Gothic glam has yet to show up on my morning commute, but 90s sweatshirts and Dr martens are back with a vengeance.

I want to see the street styles we all love reworked for the catwalk, envisioned through the eyes of a creative genius. If I see another tweed blazer, riding boot or pastel peplum I swear to god I will scream. Fashion Week sees the same designers and the same trends and its tiresome. Let the underground designers whose work is innovative and exciting have their moment in the forefront of fashion. Start new trends and look to the new instead of the old.

I’m fatigued by the mundane. I’m craving some creativity, some injection of excitement, something I have yet to see. Here’s hoping next year I get that.

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