Monday, September 24, 2012

Menswear Monday: What We Want Our Boyfriends To Wear

Handbag? Check. Trendy winter coat? Check. Newly heeled boots? Check. Well dressed boyfriend? Fail. Yes girls, we all know what I’m getting at here. There is nothing worse than leaving the house in your gorgeous new winter wardrobe when the man by your side is dressed head to toe in what can only be described as drab. Mud stained jeans, creased t-shirts and the remnants of what used to be a clean, white trainer? If this sounds all too familiar then look no further, as Moda de la Mode looks at how to dress your boyfriend.

Now boys, don’t get offended. Us girls love your rustic masculinity, and appreciate the fact that squeezing your legs into skinny jeans was a shock to the system and took a while to get used to. Some of you are fashion forward and there is nothing more attractive than looking up to a guy who takes pride in his appearance and has fun with his sense of style. But it can’t be denied that those of you lacking a sense of style are severely behind.

It was only the other day that a friend and I took a double take at the tall dark and handsome stranger who stepped onto the tube. Immaculately dressed, with polished leather shoes and a tailored trench coat teamed with a warm tartan scarf; whoever wakes up to this stylish man everyday is one lucky lady. His look was effortless, masculine and sophisticated. So ladies, there is hope.

I think the trick to a handsomely dressed boyfriend is not to change his style, because at the end of the day his style reflects the personality you fell for in the first place. The trick is to teach him that certain items just don’t match (even if he argues they do because they are hung next to each other in the wardrobe), that certain outfits suit certain occasions only and that it’s time to face the fact that the rugby top he’s owned since he was a teen does not fit him anymore and is therefore not acceptable to be worn in public places.
Start by easing him in slowly by choosing with a pair of fitted jeans or coffee coloured chinos. These are a good start and a clean canvas for him to build from. Trousers with any pattern or too much detail will lead to an outfit that looks like it’s walked out of a circus ring. Pair the trousers with a decent pair of converse, loafers or plateau boot depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve. He may stand by the fact that flip flops are comfortable, but remind him that summer is a myth in Britain and that London is far from a white sand beach. Now for the top half. A plain or textured shirt or casual tee with a respectable image or slogan is always a winner. Avoid any t-shirts bought from market stalls as they’re slogans will be highly likely to offend your mother, not what you need for a trip to meet the parents. Finally, for the pièce de résistance chose a coat with a striking and strong collar. He will feel manly and you will feel like Mr. Bond has just strolled into your life. It’s a match made in heaven.

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