Monday, January 30, 2012

Menswear Monday: Male Blogger Accessories

With London Fashion Week just around the corner, it is important that every male blogger equips himself with the essential blogging accessories. As you can see above, the essentials are simple but vital if you want to produce cutting edge, imformative content.

The first thing that is important is a notebook. I would be completely lost without mine as I use it to jot down names, email addresses or post ideas and always keep a notebook in my bag for that fleeting moment of inspiration.

A watch-being on time is key to being a successful blogger

Oyster Card (or the international equivalent) it is your life line in a big city and it is the easiest way to get around London during fashion week

Camera-Need I say more??

i-Pad is the essential tool to showcase your blog and keep your finger on the pulse with the world of social media.

Bag-The perfect way to store all of your belongings


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