Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TellusFashion Launch Party

On 21st November 2011, the fashion world descended on the prestigious Porchester Hall for an evening of glamorous, stylish and sometimes avant-garde fashion design.

The venue, which has been used for London Fashion Week shows in the past, exuded the elegance and luxury that epitomises the TellusFashion Brand. Chandeliers glistened in the light whilst waiters circulated through the well dressed crowd carrying trays of cupcakes and wine.

The fashion show was the main event of the night, featuring some of the best TellusFashion names such as FABRYAN, James Kearns, Thom Neal, Dominique Kral to name a few. Split into two halves and incorporating a dance troupe, the show lasted for a whole hour allowing guests an insight into the hard work and skill behind the fabulous garments.

As an IFB competition winner, I had front row seats and a goodie bag waiting for me when I arrived. This was my first taste of the glamorous world of fashion parties and it certainly lived up to my expectations.

Images of Catwalk: Dani Riot 

Me and Eleanor Ransom from

Me and JaimeLondonBoy from

Dominique Kral

Eleanor, Me and Sarah Beresford

Kelly Bull and Thom Neal

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  1. It was lovely meeting you hun! Glad you had a great time and will hopefully see you soon!

    ellenor marie <3

  2. Hi!
    You took really great photos!!
    I still have to get that post going haha what a shame!
    I'm sad we couldn't have some chat at the show, but I was too overwhelmed with everything and a bit speechless.
    And you're all oh so Londoners I was a bit shy!
    I hope we are going to meet up again at shows in the future, I will come and say hi of course!
    Great show, article and pics anyway!



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