Monday, November 28, 2011

Menswear Mondays-jac5 Launch

When you think of men's boxers, all you think about is Calvin Klein. They are the industry leaders when it comes to men's underwear, they are the first point of call. Not any more...

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Since the official launch of jac5 on the 11/11/11, the brand has been taking Hong Kong by storm and is set to take over the world within the next few years. Founded by James A Christopher after spotting a gap in the market of men's underwear for quality, luxury and style as well as comfort, J.A.C decided to create his own brand of underwear, something that would rival even the biggest and best companies in the industry. 

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What makes this brand different from the rest is that it has a sense of humour which is reflected in everything they do. The logo, which is a Jack Russell terrier, is taken from the five dogs that J.A.C owns and has become the driving force of the brand. The traits of J.A.C's dogs have filtered down through the company and even have come to reflect the clients that the brand attracts. Loyal, Super Smart and Barking Mad these traits have become  the focal point for the brand and they even have three product ranges named after them.

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LOYAL-Stylish, casual, comfortable, everyday underwear
SUPERSMART- Designed for suiting up and dressing for occasions
BARKING MAD- Their fashion collection. Colourful, stylish and just that little bit quirky

Quality and attention to detail is at the core of the jac5 brand and their new concept store is no different. Infused with life, vitality and fashion, the Hong Kong store offers an unique fusion of art and undies, appealing to all the successful men in the world. You can guarantee that the jac5 brand has something to fit your needs so you won't be left with an itchy waistband, fading fabric or uncomfortable fitting boxers again. 

jac5 is dedicated to making sure you feel good from the inside out. 

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