Saturday, July 09, 2011

Tall Order-The Hunt For Black Knee High Boots Commences

Ok, so I have been looking for a pair of these boots for this fall for a long long time now-ever since my last pair got worn to death. Literally-I wore them so much that the soles fell off and holes appeared in the sides of them. It was a sad day when I threw them in the bin, they were so comfy and had amazing long tassels on one side. I shall dearly miss them

Anyway, I am now searching for a replacement, this time without the tassels and in suede not fabric. I don't mind if they are wedge heeled or just flat as long as the resemble something similar to the ones in this picture I found on the web. Do any of you know of any shops stocking these at the moment? I will love you forever if you do. 

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  1. I have wanted some boots similar to these for ages! I don't know of any yet but if I ever find some I shall let you know! x

  2. I love the ones in the picture! I'd love some like those... good luck with your search!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  3. These are absolutely beautiful! I hate wearing one pair of shoes so much until they break, and being unable to replace them! Keep us posted on your search! xoxo, Veena <3



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