Monday, February 21, 2011

Moda de la Mode Needs You....

Moda de la Mode is on the hunt for the most stylish University dorm room and some really lovely Campus Street Style pictures for a feature on the site. If you are interested in learning more check out the IFB page here. Basically, if you think your room has what it takes to be featured on Moda de la Mode as a stylish student dorm then email me your photos and details about the room. The same goes for the Campus street style pictures, If you know some super stylish beautiful people on your campus then join in and submit your street style photos by email. Moda de la Mode is on the hunt for some stylish student living. Are you??

Photos from Pinterest


  1. The first room is so cozy, makes me want to take a nap :) I had a great room when I was in college, but at last that was a few years ago so no photos, look forward to seeing the entries! :)

  2. Love the first room! The carpets look so inviting.

  3. love the last pic ;) kind regards

  4. I am so glad you like these pictures, wouldn't it be great to have a room like this!! Giselle, it is such a shame there are no photos but do keep checking back to the blog. Love to you all!! xxx

  5. Do we think alike or what! I’m doing a college inspired project not in the same frame as you but using campus student. lol..Send me an email we need to chat maybe we can collab with some stuff! :)

  6. The first pic is some seriously great inspration for when I go in september! I'm saving it to my computer!

    Love your blog btw. I am following you privately..



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