Sunday, January 01, 2017


Feliz año nuevo everyone! We have finally left controversial 2016 behind us and we have a whole year full of new opportunities ahead.

It is time to embrace each moment and live life to the fullest. 2016, for me, was a year of travels. I was luck enough to visit Mexico, Bolivia, Peru at the beginning of the year before moving my life abroad to Tenerife. In the words of Kylie Jenner, it was a "year of realising things" and I learnt a lot about life, people and most importantly about myself. Although life was challenging at times, I am thankful for every second. 

I now begin 2017 with a thirst for life and a burning desire to discover each and every corner of this beautiful island that I call home. After a busy year of adventure I am now keen to stay put for a while and savour all that Tenerife has to offer. 

Here are just a few things that I hope to make happen this year

- Streamline the daily grind -unsubscribe from all those pointless newsletters that appear in my inbox daily and cancel those subscriptions that no longer serve a purpose. 

- Get better at responding to messages. -Apologies to all my lovely friends who have had to wait days or weeks for a reply. I promise I love you all really. 

- Exercise - I am never going to be this young again or have this much energy again in my life so I need to make the most of it. 

- Quit my anxiety - Easier said than done but little by little I hope to lead an anxiety free life. 

- Stop expecting that the fuckboys will magically become Prince Charming overnight. -Once a fuckboy always a fuckboy, save the energy for Mr Right. 

-Stay positive - with so much change and uncertainty it is easy to focus on the negatives and get bogged down with worry. Instead I plan to play on gansta rap, dink coffee and smile my way through the year

What are your goals or dreams?


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