Tuesday, October 04, 2016


I have always preferred to keep a paper diary instead of saving every engagement in a digital calendar. There is something so romantic about the paper form and I love the nostalgia that comes from looking back at old diaries, they just hold so many memories. However, I always start using one and then half way through the year they seem to get left by the wayside.

This year, will be different. I found a super cute diary in Bershka which started in August so it was perfect for me since I arrived to Tenerife in August. I saw it as a sign and bought it straight away. It had little stickers and sweet illustrations so it was love at first sight. However when I got home, I decided to add in a little quote for every week so that I could stay motivated with whatever I was doing.

It is something so easy to do, I just searched Pinterest for the quotes which spoke to me and made me think and then added them into the diary. Now, every time I go to write something, I am met with a kick ass quote to power me through the day. Now, isn't that just something to put a smile on your face?

I will be sharing these weekly quotes on the MDLM Facebook page, but here is one from this week. Live your daydreams guys!


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