Tuesday, April 26, 2016


During February, Santa Cruz de Tenerife hosts a carnival which rivals any in the world. In fact, the carnival is so big, that it is the second biggest carnival in the world, with Brazil's Rio carnival topping first place.

The whole city stops what it is doing as crowds of people flock to the centre for a month long celebration. The main event is the parade, which in itself lasts about three hours and tours the entire city centre. Children and adults alike take part and of course, the more elaborate the costumes the better. It is not uncommon for people to begin working on their carnival costume a year in advance.

I was lucky enough to escape the cold and wet of England for two weeks to party under the Canarian sunshine during carnival period. I met up with my old house mates and decided to make the most of the party. We had a different costume for each night and more often than not the nights ended up turning into days as we got so caught up in the party atmosphere.

However, like with any good thing, there is always an end. Two weeks was really not enough time to spend in Santa Cruz. It is such an incredible city with so much to offer. It is safe to say, I am already daydreaming about next year.

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