Friday, January 15, 2016


There was no better night than the night of the blood moon to explore the majestic surroundings of El Teide, the volcano on the island of Tenerife. This was a once in a lifetime experience and none of us were prepared to miss out.

Myself and two friends, Alessandro and Emilie, drove up the winding highways, leaving the dusty city behind us. The sun was setting around us and we managed to chase the sunset, stopping at the various viewpoints along the way. We finally reached the outlook station at the prime time to view the fiery sky. Oranges and vivid reds burned their way through the foggy sky, illuminating the silhouette of El Teide itself. 

Once the sky began to darken and our tummies started to rumble with hunger, we made our way down the mountain to La Esperanza where we are a delicious home cooked meal at the small bar, El Pariente. The staff were warm and welcoming, tables were ready to go with mojo and bread pride of place and the menu changed so often, it was told to us by the waiter himself. We tucked into  a hearty meal of Canarian potatoes, steak, vegetables and ropa vieja, a Canarian stew. Local wine was served alongside this meal and provided us with an extra layer of warmth for the long night ahead. 

After closing time we made our way back up the mountain to watch the celebrated blood moon. Crowds of people gathered and camped out on the rugged volcanic earth to watch this natural phenomenon. It was a real party, and history in the making. 

El Teide is a magical place of history, geography and culture and certainly not one to be missed on your visit to the island. Just rent a car and go explore. 

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