Wednesday, October 23, 2013


'Rites of Passage' Polina's début collection under the self titled label, POLOSOPHIA, explores the transitions and emotional experiences that lead to pivotal moments in a person's life. It takes us on a journey, each piece of the collection symbolising a new and exciting stage whilst also exposing the rawness and uncertainty that change can stir up.

Face to face, it is hard not to fall instantly in love with Polina. Dressed in exquisite vintage and designer finds picked up from her travels to far flung corners of the globe, she exudes a worldly wise air of confidence whilst remaining completely modest and humble about her talent and achievements. Originally hailing from Belarus, Polina has called Singapore, America and Austria home and is now residing in leafy north London. The move to London was the catalyst to pursuing a life long dream of becoming a fashion designer and it was here that 'Rites of Passage' was imagined, designed and created.

The trophy piece of the collection has to be a beautiful mélange wool trench coat with thick silk panels on the sides and on the sleeves. The design is sexy, elegant and slightly avant garde. Made from all natural fibres, it is luxurious to touch and combines a variety of textures such as soft wool, crisp silk and smooth, buttery leather. Like any of the garments in Polina's collection, the trench coat makes a woman feel feminine, glamorous but also powerful. These are clothes to wear when you want to show the world who's boss.

Fashion film has a huge impact on Polina's visual identity so it was only to be expected that 'Rites of Passage' was documented on camera. Filmed in the place that sparked it all, north London, the film offers a glimpse into the mind of Polina and provides a narrative for the collection. The film also highlights the power of nature and society's desire to pigeon hole everything into a neatly ordered structure.

Although this collection is only the first, it is obvious that Polina has a strong creative vision and a rare talent for creating garments that make the wearer feel unique. Watch this space, exciting times are ahead.


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