Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Summer is by far our favourite month here at Moda de la Mode, the endless sunshine, BBQ's with family and friends and road trips to the beach all make it an enjoyable three months. However there may be more reasons why we like the summer months so much. According to various studies, the sunshine, seawater and sweat (yes you heard us correctly) all carry a bunch of health benefits that cleanse the body and boost our mood.

Let's start with the strangest option first, we can all guess the health benefits of sun and sea water but sweat is a little off the wall. Apart from making us smell bad and feeling gross, sweat is actually amazing for the skin. Whilst it doesn't exactly detox the body, it does help fight infections and keeps skin free from bad bacteria and fungi. Sweat also boosts circulation giving us a rosy glow and it opens up pores keeping skin free from acne and other skin problems.

Apart from the obvious vitamin D related benefits, recent studies show that sunlight has a whole heap of other health benefits that could outweigh the negative. Sunlight has been said to reduce blood pressure which as a result cuts heart attacks and prolongs life. Serotonin is also produced when the body is exposed to sunlight which is a major factor in curbing depression, hence why everyone always feels happier when the sun is shining. Sunlight increases the number of white blood cells inside the body which fight infection whilst on the skin's surface, the rays of sunlight also kill bad bacteria. Another interesting fact about sunlight is that it increases the amount of oxygen in the body, allowing blood to be pumped to tissues quickly just like when we exercise.

Summer is all about hitting the beach and spending all day riding the waves and now we can do this safe in the knowledge that we are benefiting from the salty water. It is a well known fact that salt water reduces inflammation of muscles and joints which helps us feel mellow and relaxed. Magnesium, found in sea water also adds to the calm feeling we feel when in the sea but it also helps retain moisture in the skin. Regular exposure to sea water can also help cure acne, eczema and other skin ailments. Last but not least, sea water also opens up the pores on the skin allowing for all the nutritious vitamins and minerals from the sea to be easily absorbed into the body.

So with this newly found knowledge you can sunbathe and surf to your hearts content allowing nature to work her magic. Of course, over exposure to sunlight and sea water can be harmful so know your limits and have fun. Enjoy summer whilst it lasts


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