Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Taking inspiration from the 20th century art movement, Suprematism, Australian label Camilla and Marc showcase a vibrant collection with a geometric elegance for their resort 2014 line. The brother and sister duo have spent 10 years producing chic, effortless designs in their homeland of Oz and now it is time to break into an international market.

Their trademark style of refined, polished clothes with a fluid edge is definitely present in the resort collection with tight fit leather trousers being paired with floaty, patterned tops or crisp cut blazers made out of feminine powder pink fabrics. Just like the Suprematist works of art, the resort line has been stripped of all unnecessary details leaving a minimal, pure simplicity which allows the quality and luxury of the collection to shine through.

We are in love with the collection. Which pieces are your favourites?

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