Monday, January 21, 2013

Menswear Monday: David Bowie Style Icon

David Bowie is the fashion equivalent of a chameleon. He is forever changing his appearance and is one of the very few people able to adopt a number of personas but still remain uniquely himself.

His style is simple, made up largely from classic components such as the two piece suit, tailored button down shirts and even a casual pair of jeans. It is accessible to the masses and Bowie's sense of style has also stood the test of time. Of course, we can't forget the extravagant, skin tight stage costumes that were worn during many of Bowie's most famous performances but even they played a huge part in influencing fashion (mainly womenswear).

Today, just browsing through websites in search of menswear for Moda de la Mode issue three, I couldn't help but notice the wide range of garments which have a strong Bowie identity to them. Slim fit, ultra tailored suits in a range of pastel colours seem to be everywhere at the moment, flat caps had a brief dalliance with the fashion world a few months ago and models appear to be adopting hairstyles not too dissimilar from Bowie's iconic tousled hair. Looking at photos of Bowie now, it is safe to say, he is one of the few musicians who has aged gracefully. He is a true style icon!

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