Friday, November 02, 2012

Jessie And The Toy Boys

Jessie And The Toy Boys is a Californian pop band that comprises of Jessie Malakouti and fellow band mates that come in the form of mannequins or as Jessie likes to call them, Toy Boys. I first discovered the band whilst shopping on Melrose Avenue in LA. There was a small boutique called JoyRich that sold the most out there fashion I had seen outside of London. Think East London meets Tokyo and you have the aesthetic of JoyRich and similarly, Jessie Malakouti.

Jessie And The Toy Boys came into being back in 2011 and Jessie's first single, 'Push It' mixes sugary pop with a brash, electronic club bass line  It is the perfect soundtrack for a girls night out and Jessie's other songs follow the same tone making them a must have for all ipods across the globe. Her latest song 'Perfect Shade of Red' tells the story of a broken romance and the desperation felt after the breakup. The catchy lyrics and the upbeat backing track are the perfect thing to banish the winter blues that have certainly kicked in already.

What I really love about Jessie is her amazing sense of style shown through her fun videos. Her video, 'On With My Bad Self' shows the carefree, creative style that I love and that is a trademark look for all Jessie's videos. It is also a style that JoyRich champion and I find myself yearning for another trip back to LA every time I watch Jessie and The Toy Boys on Youtube.

What do you think of Jessie And The Toy Boys?

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