Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Read of the Month: Closer by Scott Schuman

After a long break, the monthly feature, aptly named 'Read of the Month' returns and going on from the last post on 'Vintage Style' this month's book is Scott Schuman's latest work, 'Closer'.

The book takes it's title from Schuman's experience growing up in the Midwest and the isolation he felt which later grew into a burning desire to become closer to his photographic subjects. There is a second reason for the book title which is more of a creative reason than anything else. In creating this publication, Schuman finally felt as though he was growing closer to his original aim that he came up with when he started his blog back in 2005.

The book itself is enough of a reason not to go to the gym this month. This book may look small and dinky but 512 pages of stunning imagery definitely creates a hefty weight. Although light on text 'Closer' takes you on a visual journey through Scott Schuman's world. If you ever wonder what the life of a street style photographer is like, just read this book to find out. Covering all corners of the world and all the colours in the spectrum, fashionistas, nomads, cowboys and photographers of all ages delight with their eclectic sense of style. At varying intervals, the imagery will be interrupted by a short description of the scene be it musings about cowboy boots or a love note to Venice.

Having already bought the first book, I was eager to see how this one would compare. The second book although similar in appearance takes on a more mature and diverse style than the first one. The colours appear richer, the subjects are generally a bit older than before and there is a real shift in tone with the second book oozing confidence and importance. It is clear Schuman has found his feet in terms of producing a collection of his works.

As the title suggests, Schuman delves deeper into the lives of his subjects and reflects his findings through his poignant images. 'Closer' is the perfect reminder to stay true to our personal style and be adventurous with what we wear.

What do you think of his latest book?

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  1. Want it so bad!
    His previous book was gorgeous,
    so can't waite till this one is laying proudly on my table!




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