Thursday, August 23, 2012

Designer Spotlight: Oliver Glass

Oliver Glass has been under my radar for sometime now. His strong Twitter presence, along with his beautiful Tumblr based blog, FASHION CHURCH were enough to win my heart. I then saw his design work and have been dreaming of wearing his creations ever since.

At only 21 years of age, Oliver is most certainly one to watch. Having recently graduated from the prestigious Instituto Marangoni in Milano, he has not only managed to create a stunning line of clothes which would make any cool hunting twenty something scream with delight, but he has also created a collection of best selling shoes for women. His talent and vision are unrivalled by anyone his age and I have already found myself planning which garment would look best on me at next weeks party. 

Take his Alexa Pumps, for example (pictured above). These shoes have already achieved an iconic cult status on the global fashion scene. Inspired by Punk dreams and Limousine nights, they just scream "I am the boss...Don't mess with me!" Made from the highest quality black leather, which is nicely contrasted with the sharp edged spikes, these shoes are by far my favourites from his shoe collection. For those of you daring to get in touch with their wild side, his 'Get Wild' Pumps (pictured below) are for you. Inspired by the wild instinct whilst having Whisky, these heels with their leopard print covering are perfect for those crazy, fun filled nights out where you can just let loose and be yourself. Every girl needs these shoes in her life.

Oliver also has a menswear line influenced heavily by rage and sex in addition to a punk fashion brand (pictured), titled FF which takes it's inspiration from anything ranging from death, sports, dubstep and anything in between. He is one seriously talented man and I love the fact he is Peruvian. It makes everything cooler! 

Please make sure you show your support to Oliver Glass by taking time to visit his blog, website and following his social media channels. Se lo merece! 

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  1. These pumps are stunning! Beautiful photographs.

    xoxo, Meera



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