Sunday, August 12, 2012

5 Things You Must Do Before Summer Is Over

It is hard to admit but it is a true fact that the end of summer is approaching faster than we would like to admit. The light is fading earlier than before and the fashion world is already hyping up the fall collections which can only mean one thing...summer is almost over. Before you burst into hysterical tears and storm off into a tantrum, you should take a look at the top 5 things that I recommend you do to celebrate the last few days of sunshine.


Is city life getting the better of you? Need an escape? Cat Stevens' stunning dreamscapes are the perfect remedy. They take you on a journey through a wild and beautiful sun-drenched California and give you a slice of summer to boost your mood. Cat Stevens, who has recently graduated from London College of Fashion, has worked with some of the biggest players in the industry such as British Vogue and Rolling Stone and now has her own show titled, 'Wrap Up Your Troubles In Dreams'.  See the show at the Exit Gallery, London.


Bubbledogs is the latest dining experience to hit town. Don't be the last of your friends to try it! Combining two of my favourites... hot dogs and Champagne, it aims to provide a high class dining experience that can appeal to a mass audience. Bubbledogs serves ten different hot dogs alongside grower Champagne and sparkling wine. The restaurant seats nineteen diners who are all seated surrounding the kitchen where head chef James Knappett (previously of The Ledbury, The Berkley and Noma) will prepare, serve and talk the guests through his contemporary European cooking.

Fish Pedicures are such a fun and effective way to remove the dead skin from the bottom of your feet. Lets face it, city life is tough and it can be very unkind to the best of us. Since I had my first fish pedicure at Aqua Sheko on High Street Kensington, I have not looked back and I am constantly craving the feeling of freshly nibbled feet. It is the ultimate pamper experience. Prices start at £30


The Rainbow Park on the edge of the South Bank is the perfect place to sit and unwind with friends or with a drink after work. I would love to say that it was inspired by Mary Katrantzou's bright bold prints but alas, the South Bank Centre didn't think of that! Anyway this beach is pretty spectacular so if you can't get away before fashion week, try and plan an escape to this part of town. 


Summer can last all year round thanks to Bex Rox. This super cute seahorse necklace is the perfect accessory for reminding you of that idyllic island getaway you enjoyed or those long summer evenings that you love so much. It can be dressed up and down, worn day and night. It is safe to say, I am in love. Get yours now at the Beach Tomato Shack:

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